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Is your hobby really a business?

Many businesses start out as hobbies, so at what point does it become a business or trade that means you should register with HMRC as self-employed? Once a hobby becomes a business you need to keep sufficient business records for your accounts and your self-assessment tax return every year. Penalties maybe incurred if you do… Read the full article…


Are you ready for auto enrolment pensions?

The auto enrolment pension programme started back in 2012 when the largest employers had to commence offering an auto enrolment pension scheme to every eligible employee. 2015 will see the commencement of 1.2 million small and micro businesses starting to offer auto enrolment pensions. AccountingWEB has set out eight key points employers (and their advisers)… Read the full article…


Have you registered for Self-assessment?

Are you self-employed or do you rent out a property, are you a higher rate taxpayer with investment or savings income? Have you registered for Self-assessment? To be able to submit your tax return you must be registered with HMRC for Self-assessment. You must register by 5th October following the end of the tax year… Read the full article…


HMRC Let Property Campaign

Do you rent out a property? Have you declared the rental income on your tax return? If the answer to the first question is yes but the second question no then you should take advantage of the HMRC Let Property Campaign. This is aimed at individuals letting out residential property and is a campaign that… Read the full article…


HMRC Second Income Campaign

HMRC often run campaigns encouraging voluntary disclosure by tax payers of undeclared income. By bringing their tax affairs up to date via a campaign the tax payer may avoid heavier penalties and possible prosecution when HMRC do catch up with them later. HMRC are currently running a Second Incomes Campaign which is aimed at people… Read the full article…


Emails and SMS from HMRC

We all know about phishing emails and unwanted SMS messages but HMRC do sometimes use these forms of communication so how do you know if the email or text you receive is legitimate or a scam? If you visit HMRC’s website they regularly update the list of emails and/or messages they may send to you…. Read the full article…


5 Tips to help you keep on top of your accounting

The need to track expenses, manage your books, issue invoices and create accounts may not be at the top of your list of reasons for starting your own business but it is important to remember that the bills and the taxman always have to be paid. To help you focus your efforts on your bookkeeping… Read the full article…


5 Mistakes Small Businesses make with their Accounting Records

1. The Shoebox filing method Does your accounting filing system look like this? Bookkeeping is best done as you go along so you can see how your business is performing. Many small businesses may only need an hour a week to keep their books up to date and this is preferable to spending 52 hours… Read the full article…


Starting a new business (part 3)

Your new business is up and running and you are now incurring costs and you are unsure what is allowable as a tax deduction. This article is about certain overhead expenses you can claim as business tax deductible expenditure. Business Expenditure Use of Personal Vehicles If you are using your own vehicle for your business… Read the full article…


Starting a new business (part 2)

You have decided to start your own business, you have agreed the legal format your business will take (see our Starting up in Business (part 1) help sheet), and you are ready to go! But what do you need to do next? Do I need to tell anyone? No matter what type of business entity… Read the full article…

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